In light of the current situation, Classic 1027 will keep you updated on the latest news in SA on COVID-19. 

As the news storm around the Coronavirus hits the world, major news outlets are rushing to cover breaking news. Resources are stretched and they are finding it difficult to report while, at the same time, making sure crews and staff are safe and avoid infection.

This leads to a situation of the over-reporting of hard news and underreporting of human interest stories. Therein lies our opportunity.
1. A short daily news show focused on the human aspects of the crisis.
2. Online and social media distribution to make sure audiences are reached at home.
3. Gathering material which can later be repurposed when we start trying to make sense of the crisis and how we move forward. The analysis phase following Corona will need material and insights gathered during the crisis.

VNS247 has the first of the upcoming 15 episodes a 5-minute bulletin which consists of the following elements:

  • Short and punchy news segment focusing on elements not covered by mainstream media but of value to people staying at home.
  • Short studio interviews focusing on what a post-corona world will look like.
  • Short feature story showing how people are living with and dealing with the crisis.

This show will be INFORMATIVE and INSPIRATIONAL. Here we will tell the stories that make human connections and show how our shared humanity takes the foreground as we grapple together.




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