Through the Small Business Booster programme, Enterprise and Supplier Development grant contributions are used to help SMMEs get the marketing support they need to better communicate their marketing saliency, helping them to build strong brands that reach the right audiences.

And that is why we’re calling on you, Corporate South Africa. Join us and let your B-BBEE grant contributions make an impact by sponsoring SMMEs to become part of the Small Business Booster programme. The programme will provide access to professional brand, marketing, and advertising services, as well as a fully-fledged radio campaign on Classic1027.

The Small Business Booster is an innovative programme that raises funds through Enterprise and Supplier Development grants, and then channels these funds towards brand and marketing campaigns for SMMEs. For every R 300 000 raised by means of grants secured by the Small Business Booster programme, an SMME will be included in the program.

For more information about the Small Business Booster programme, please follow the series of podcasts throughout the month of May, or alternatively download our one-page guide by clicking the link below.

  • 3 May: The plight of unemployed youth and SMMEs in South Africa and the difference that B-BBEE grants can make.
  • 10 May: Come and meet Sum of 21 and their innovative B-BBEE approach.
  • 17 May: Diving deeper into the nuts-and-bolts of the Small Business Booster programme.
  • 24 May: Meet some of the SMMEs that were positively impacted by Enterprise and Suppler grants and how it assisted them in becoming sustainable.
  • 31 May: Meet some of the corporate grantors that made it their mission to achieve positive impact through the innovative utilisation of B-BBEE grants.

  • Brand and marketing services that will include a selection of the following (depending on individual need and packages):
    • Strategic brand positioning and brand development – making sure the SMME has a strong story to tell
    • Design of marketing collateral (such as flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.)
    • Design of digital collateral – including website, email signatures, PowerPoint templates, etc.
    • Social media assistance and content development
  • The production of a professional 30 second radio commercial
  • A full media plan consisting of airtime, advertising spots and life reads on Classic1027
  • An interview with Michael Avery on the Classic Business Show, featuring the SMME as well as their products and services

  • Full B-BBEE recognition for the Enterprise and Supplier Development grant spent on the programme.
  • The opportunity to identify SMMEs from their own supplier networks and existing platforms to benefit from the Small Business Booster programme.
  • An interview with Michael Avery on the Classic Business Show to showcase the grantor from an Enterprise and Supplier Development perspective.
  • The opportunity to use the sponsored SMME as a case-study with regards to positive impact the grantor is making through programmes like this.

  • Classic1027 and Michael Avery’s Classic Business show became the go-to source for all business and financial information across South Africa, serving an audience consisting of corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, SMMEs and business decision makers. The Classic Business Show has quickly become a mainstay for any corporate with a strong story to tell, as well as the perfect launch pad for any aspiring entrepreneur and SMME with a vision to become a future business shaper.
  • Sum of 21 is an empowerment incubation agency that aims to be a leading driver of transformation through innovative solutions to job creation, skills development and on-the-job training. By making use of corporate B-BBEE grants, Sum of 21 develop the skills of young and upcoming creatives in the advertising and communication industry while giving SMMEs access to marketing services that are, more often than not, outside their reach from a financial perspective.

For more information about the Small Business Booster programme, please email us on or complete the following form and we will get in contact with you:


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