Zip Zap Circus at the Virtual National Arts Festival

Written by on 14th Jul 2020


31st Jul 2020

Journey Beyond – Virtual National Arts Festival

Zip Zap in collaboration with The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra are back together pushing the boundaries to reach the peak of classical entertainment, with artists painting with their bodies and defying gravity.

A group of circus dare devils will jump, fly and soar through the air. This will be followed by an array of deep and emotional performances effortlessly done at 8 meters high hanging from a piece of fabric. The beauty of these acts will be reinforced by the simplicity of the apparel and the crystal voice of Robyn Botha. This is what one can expect at Journey Beyond.

Once Upon a Circus – Virtual National Arts Festival

This imaginative 35-minute production, entices the audience into a sneak-peek of ‘circus’ life, both behind-the-scenes and on stage, through the lens of an inquisitive and mischievous character, called Trompie. He invites the viewers to explore a wondrous circus world, bringing you aesthetic artistic creations as well as breath-taking action shots, capturing the grace, strength and skill of our circus performers. Once Upon a Circus also symbolises greater values and meaning, as it unveils that our little circus in the heart of Cape Town, is in fact, a microcosm of a true ‘Rainbow Nation’ South Africa. The story reveals the possibility of social transformation and youth empowerment through the circus arts. Trompie, a real member of our circus family, also represents the array of youth whose lives have been transformed through their discovery of our circus magic. This production is therefore based on the true and touching stories of the many kids who have walked through Zip Zap’s doors, daring to dream beyond their circumstances, and who, consequently form part of this colourful circus family.  

Event Details
Date: Currently live, watch on demand till the 31st of July 2020.
Journey Beyond Tickets: R70 – available here
Once Upon a Circus Tickets: R50 – available here
Contact: Brigette Chapman (Events Manager)


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