20/20: Entertainment in Containment

Written by on 6th Jul 2020


20th Nov 2020

“20/20 vision in the year 2020!”

Biblioteek Productions presents twenty Classical interdisciplinary online projects of twenty minutes each. Nearly sixty freelance artists from all spheres of the creative and arts industry are involved in this exciting project.

These mini productions will be rolled out weekly for 20 weeks from 10 July.  Join us in this online revolution, where we continue to bring boundary shifting classical music to you!

20 Online streamed events
20:00 – 20:20


6 November
Luca Hart: “Just for today”
In this performance, the voice of a solo violin will be heard meandering, exploring and crafting a brand-new piece of music in real time. This one-take recording will be a live composition, from the first note to the very last, allowing thoughts, emotions and stories to present themselves moment by moment through the instrument – just for today. “When we allow music to pour out of us unedited, that is when we see the real truth of our feelings, and by extension, the truth of what we are dealing with day to day.”  Hart sees these live compositions as “musical essays” – they often tell a more truthful story than words ever could. “Sometimes I find weird intervals and passages, full of darkness and dissonance, whilst other times I find myself playing a lovely major jig – I wish I could remember how I got there, but alas, this is the beauty of composing and being in the moment.” The performance will be pre-recorded as one take, from a beautiful art studio in Woodstock. Hart invites the audience to immerse themselves in the compositional journey, so that they may also experience their own unfolding story “just for today”.

13 November
Jonathan M. Blair, Makudu Senaoana, Vasti Knoesen, Dorette Roos and Louisa Theart: “Gacela of the Dark Death”
Gacela of the Dark Death is a suite written for a Chamber Trio featuring flute, clarinet and cello, in a highly sublimated format inspired by the favoured forms used in baroque suites. By delving deeply into the inner structures of Arabic music, composer Jonathan M. Blair has attempted to assimilate a delicate balance between the golden age of Eastern and Western traditional stylised dance pieces. Interpolated between the more familiar Allemande, Sarabande, and Bourrée, are Arabic song forms that is set to Lorca’s beautifully allegoric text, ‘Gacela of the Dark Death.’ With an interpenetrative display of the ancient and modern, innocence and loss, oppression and liberation, the instruments play on these motifs in colourful and novel ways. The music is poignantly realised by some of South Africa’s leading musicians. The work represents a poetic amalgamation of sometimes subtle, sometimes stark contrasts and familiarities that culminate in a re-envisioned offering of one of the baroque period’s most salient writing-styles: the fugue.

20 November
Yellowwood String Duo & Dedre Fouquet “Woodland Trails”
The Yellowwood String Duo presents an exciting new composition by Jan-Hendrik Harley entitled Woodland Trails. The work is written for double bass and classical guitar, and depicts 5 woodland scenes. The composition will be visually interpreted by Stellenbosch artist Dedre Fouquet as 5 videos of the actual sketches being created, creating a seamless narrative between visible and audible. A presentation at the 20-20 series would be a world premiere for the project. The Yellowwood String Duo is an ensemble that was formed as a response to the Covid-19 crisis that resulted in an extended lockdown period in South Africa. Like so many other freelance musicians, husband and wife team Jan-Hendrik Harley and Mariechen Meyer faced uncertainty, and making music together gave them a platform to stay creative and to keep making music. While they have been making music together since 2009, this will be the first time they won’t share the stage with other musicians. And don’t expect them to abide by the traditional rules regarding instrumentation – assuming the double bass will pluck away at bass lines couldn’t be farther from the truth!

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Enquiries: media@biblioteek.co.za or 076 835 6561

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