More than 30 years of superior investment returns and service – Melville Douglas

 boutique investment management company within the Standard Bank Group, Melville Douglas manages investments on behalf of a wide range of endowments, charitable trust and retirement funds, as well as institutional and private clients and has, over the years, delivered outstanding results for investors, due in large part to an experienced investment team and comprehensive range of domestic and offshore investment options. Melville Douglas‘ commitment to uncovering investment opportunities stretches back to 1983 when the company set about building the bespoke investment approach offered to clients today.


Melville Douglas was recently named Best Boutique Asset Manager in South Africa for 2018 by Global Brands Magazine.


What truly sets Melville Douglas apart is the company’s approach to investing – driven by balance, a long-term view and a commitment to fundamental research. The company’s close collaboration with Standard Bank, enables it to expand it’s offering across the continent and, with offices in South Africa and Jersey, provides a range of on- and offshore investment solutions to meet all investment needs.


CLICK HERE for this month’s Investment Overview – brought to you by Bernard Drotschie, Chief Investment Officer at Melville Douglas.

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