We’ve been encouraging you to Learn a Language in Lockdown with the Dante Alighieri Italian School.

Here are some of the basics we covered:

Buon giorno Good morning
Buona giornata!

Have a nice day!
Buona notte Good night
Buona sera Good evening
Come si chiama, Lei? What is your name?
Come sta? How are you?
Grazie Thank you
Le presento Caterina This is Caterina
Mi dispiace I am sorry
Mi dispiace, ma non parlo bene l’italiano I’m sorry, I don’t speak Italian very well
Mi scusi Excuse me
No No
Non capisco I don’t understand
Parla inglese? Do you speak English?
Per favore Please
Prego You’re welcome
Può parlare lentamente? Could you speak more slowly?
Si Yes
So soltanto un po’ di italiano I only speak a little Italian
Sto bene, grazie I’m fine, thank you

Study Italian with the The Dante Alighieri Society, Johannesburg. It is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1927. It was the first of four Dante Alighieri Society Committees in South Africa. The Society takes its name from Dante Alighieri, author of the world-renowned Divine Comedy, who is also considered the “Father of the Italian Language”.

La Dante (The Dante Society) aims to promote the Italian language and culture in Johannesburg. The Society offers courses to adults, children and corporates, both face to face and online, with a free trial lesson for beginners. We organise cooking courses, cultural events such as conferences, movie nights, concerts and exhibitions.

Join our family … study Italian.

Registrations close on Thursday, 30 April.

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